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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are going to invest in your online education and are expecting a service in return Do NOT part with any money if the service you are looking at does not provide a guarantee or a full refund over a specific period of time. If it is the case and guarantees or refunds are not being offered then shy away – it will invariably be a scam.

A refundable guarantee period allows you to see if you get value from joining up to the service on offer. In this way you will be able to get a refund during a specific time period.

You will need to determine if the service that is being provided is what you expected, is the promised support available, are you making progress. You should apply this advice to anything you buy online.

The power of the Internet is such that you can search/research for anything and buy almost anything on line. You will find what you are looking for. It could be a new car, hobby shop, hair salon, reviews of restaurants – you will find it 🙂

There are plenty of doubters out there who have a lot to say about something they know very little about and have no success on the internet – so do not be put off. Do your own in depth research on affiliate marketing, speak to others to get an alternative view point and then draw your own conclusion.

Do not necessarily take my word for it – you need to be the judge and the jury based on your own experience and the value you have received from the program you have signed up for

Yes, every business needs some kind of marketing budget – the more you invest in your business the reality is that you will begin to see significant results. So what is this investment? – simply it is your time and your money. Is it possible then to grow a new business without a marketing budget? The answer is yes.

The internet is unique in that there are free ways to market your business online and get the exposure needed but it does take longer. If you decide to do free marketing just remember it will take a bit longer to see results. You will NOT see instant results. No doubt you have heard of people who have made amazing amounts of money in a few short weeks/months – this is exceptional and nearly always down to the amount of money they have invested in their business. Be sensible and understand that any business needs time and/or money. Both together would be great but often is not the case.

So how does it work? Simple – if you have no time to invest in your business then you are going to be helped a great deal if you have money to invest. The opposite is true as well- if you have no money to invest then you will need more time to grow your business.

The online business world is flexible and almost like a pay-as-you-go business model. You do not need huge sums of money to get going as compared to a MacDonald franchise.

Just remember that there will be ongoing costs in terms of your time and the amount of investment money wise you have to put into your business.

It is natural for individuals to have concerns as to whether they need any previous experience before getting started with an internet business. I can certainly say without any hesitation is that the answer is you absolutely do not need any previous experience. In fact I can tell you that many people who taken on this opportunity are individuals who got started without any previous experience.

Some people come with preconceptions and as a result they sometimes come along with some bad habits and some bad ideas about how internet businesses should be run. As a result of that, they don’t actually follow the training exactly the way it’s been designed to be followed. If an individual does have previous experience, sometimes what they’ll do is skip some of the basics because maybe they’re just, very keen to get going. The advice is – in that situation if you haven’t been getting the kind of results that you want- which is probably why you’re here in the first place- then do not skip ANY steps in your training.

So in short you do not need any previous experience to begin your online marketing career. We have enough experienced mentors to guide you through the initial stages.

This will vary from individual to individual in terms of how long it takes to set up their business. Their understanding of the business model and the way that they can earn money is crucial. I would advise that your expectation should be around the three(3) week mark – minimum.

This will allow you the time to learn the skills you will need to set up your website, work through your training and learn how everything works.

You have heard the saying ‘Rome was not Built in a Day’- this absolutely applies to online marketing. You have to get the skill set that will allow you to be successful on line. This is not a race- this is about setting you up for success.

You will have access to on line training videos along with webinars which provide actual
live training.

So if it takes you two(2), three(3) or six(6) weeks to get set up it means your are going to have the necessary skills to keep on going.
All you need is consistency. Do 2-3 hours a day on your training and get set up the right way.
Ultimately you may be putting yourself in a situation of having a life of security for yourself and your family.

We will be there to guide you every step of the way. You will be provided with as much support as you need.

There’s no doubt that growing your existing business is really going to come down to a few things but I’d probably say the number one thing is being able to attract and get more customers.

Once you have learned the basics of setting up your website (or even if you already have one) you will be learning new skills that could help your current business.

However, a cautionary word- your new venture may not necessarily be the fastest way to grow your existing business. A thought you might like to consider is – is it worth growing your existing business if you are not really concerned about it because it is already bringing money in to the bank?

If the answer is yes then in all likelihood you need to consider setting up a second business that will eventually replace your existing business. This way you will be using your time wisely to develop your new business.

Please think carefully how you would grow your existing business alongside your new online business.

You will have access to all the training you need- when you need it to it all work for you.

So one of the biggest advantages to having an internet business is the fact that you can do it from anywhere as long as you’ve got a laptop or a computer and an internet connection. You’re in business. So that being the case, you can absolutely build your business around your day job or other commitments and around family because you have that kind of flexibility on your side. It is important to realize that this is not a hobby- it is your business and you need to devote regular time in to developing it.

Consistency is probably one of the most valuable things that you need to bring to your business. People have been able to build successful businesses around their other commitments only working an hour or so a day on their business. For them it is not a hobby. If you treat your online business as a sideline or just for fun you will not get the results you are looking for.

Consistency will provide you with results whether it be one hour (1) a day or twenty(20) hours a week. Leaving it for a week or two to grow your business will not work.

If you are committed to online working, persistent and believe in your ultimate success you can become successful in the digital world.

Only if you think you are:-) No -one is too old . Of course the one caveate on this is you have to be eighteen or older:-)

I am not young by any means and I have learned new skills sets. If I can do it then anyone with a computer and internet connection can do this. Best of all you can work anywhere e.g. from home, your hotel even from your car – anywhere 🙂

There are a large number of over 60 -80 year old’s in the online world developing and building their success businesses – so if you think you are too old you are not! 🙂

A great thing about running your own internet business is that it keeps you active and your brain working- you will not be sat in the lounge chair watching a new episode of The Game of Thrones:-)

You will be constantly learning new marketing methods and putting them in to action and watching your business grow.

If you are coming up to retirement or indeed retired and need supplementary income then an online business that you can run from home is eminently sensible

It is an exciting time to be looking at an online business – do not let the opportunity pass you by just because you think you maybe too old- your are NOT 🙂

Simple answer is ANYTHING. You will learn the skills needed to market your own and/ or others products – so it is entirely up to you what you sell:-)

To be successful online you need:
1- To have the skills necessary to market online
2- Understand affiliate marketing
3- Find an online learning course that shows you ‘the way’ – with appropriate training, tools, resources and mentors
4- Have a niche that you love and are passionate about

It really is a large market online and there are plenty of people making significant money ensuring their future security for themselves and their families – they have worked really hard for their success.

Just remember that you need to learn the necessary skills to put into action effective marketing of your product and keep doing that.

The old adage ‘the more time you spend doing something the better the result’ and to some extent applies to how you build your online business. It is not so much how much time you need to devote to your new business but what you do with that time which is important. You will be shown how to focus on money producing activities that will ultimately reap the rewards you are looking for if you put in the time and effort.

You need to be realistic. To start with you are going to need at least one(1) hour a day (and I mean one(1) hour a day)to set up your business and grow it. If you don’t have that time then in reality you will be wasting your time.

The internet is fast­moving, you need to keep up to date with the latest trends- which means if you apply consistency to your business with a disciplined approach to what time you have available each day whether it be one(1), two(2) or three(3) hours a day that will get you focusing on results.

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