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9 June 2020


How Honest Are we?!-REALLY!!! My take on this topic is that a standard answer to this question probably is something to do about the internal/ mental […]
3 June 2020

How Does Search Engine Optimization work?

So! How does SEO work? When a business starts its online presence, it needs to consider SEO for visibility in search engines. Search engines look for […]
1 June 2020

What does ‘adding value’ actually mean?

  Adding Value We hear a lot in marketing about ‘adding value’ but what does this actually mean in reality. I hope to provide my perspective […]
30 May 2020

Building a Crisis Proof Business During Times of Uncertainty

Building a Crisis Proof Business During Times of Uncertainty In times of crisis like our current Covid-19 pandemic, the need for a more secure source of […]
29 May 2020

Daily Chores and Flying

Daily Chores and Flying Lockdown Throughout this lockdown, I have been busy doing ‘stuff’. I have a few hobbies e.g. 3D printing, astronomy, and micro lighting. […]
29 May 2020

Google Ad Words – what you need to know…

Policies and Specifics You need to know   Choosing to advertise on Google AdWords is the easy part. It’s the biggest advertising platform in digital media, […]
26 May 2020

Lifes Failures:

Lifes Failures: Lifes Failures:  It is all about moving forward. Failure is only in our own minds. Albert Einstein one of the greatest thinkers of our […]
22 May 2020

Daily Routines- Do they actually work?

How Good are you at setting up Your Daily Routine?? So – I have been trying desperately to set up some kind of daily routine. I […]
17 May 2020

The Power Of Introverts

Why Affiliate Marketing is a Dream Job for Introverts The world seems like it’s made for extroverts — the go-getters, the pavement pounders, the social butterflies, […]