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Money Is Not

I had been looking for something to fill a void in my life when I retired from full-time employment. The idea of an online business that I could run from home appealed to me a great deal.

I found an online company that, for me, was truly committed to helping people find their way as affiliate marketers or just learning the skill of online business

Having access to all the tools, training and resources I needed to develop my website, skills and understanding how online business operate was essential for me

The World Is Changing

The world is changing fast and we all have to adapt to the new changes. It is a Time for reflection and to look at what is important to you. Take a step back and reflect on where you need to be as we move into the new future. You owe it to yourself and your family to ensure that you are secure

Current Challenges

Given the current challenges that face us right now with COVID-19 if, like me, you are sick and tired of all the negativity surrounding us all and, you are at breaking point then read on. I will be able to show you a path that I decided to take to provide myself with the learning and skill set I need to succeed.

I think you would agree that, whilst money is something everyone needs it is NOT EVERYTHING we need.

Have you ever just sat down in a quiet place and thought about what it is that you need to be secure and safe in your life? I did. It dawned on me that whilst I no longer have a job - I was unhappy.

The uncertainty all of us are facing right now is real- very real. Everyone is concerned as to what the future holds.
What I can say for sure is that out of every crisis comes opportunity.


Humans are resilient and resourceful when the going gets rough. We look for opportunity out of adversity- we find a WAY - AND there is a better way.

Given COVID-19, the lock-down and stay at home advice from Governments across the globe, I made the decision to go online. To me it made perfect sense. I have an office at home, a computer, and now that I have retired, I have more time than I have ever had, to do the things I want to do and I can be with the family at home - which I have never been able to do before.

My overheads are small. I do not need to employ anyone, I can get on with business and my life. I am able to work as long or as short a day as I want when I want. I am happy- very happy.

It is absolutely vital that we all see the positives in the current world climate. If security, independence, and giving a helping hand to others is something that resonates with you then browse through this website to see if what is on offer is something that would work for you.

COVID-19 will pass and...

We will be able to meet up again with family and friends

We will be able to travel to other countries

We will have a secure future

We will be able to share all our learning

One thing is for sure, our world - the reality that we knew will not be the same once COVID-19 passes. Yes it will be different, with new challenges, new ways of working, new social norms We are in this together

There will be a much brighter future.

Businesses will have learned to do things differently - they have already

More people will want to work from home - they have already started-

There will more opportunities to work for yourself and not for others - these are coming up every day.

My Image

Who Am I?

Born in Zimbabwe a few years ago now I was fortunate enough to have parents that wanted the best for their family. My Mom and Dad were born in Yorkshire – Halifax to be exact and emigrated to what was then Rhodesia in 1955.

My scholastic career started at Hallingbury junior school then moved up to Belevedere Junior school and finally Prince Edward High School. These were happy times as we had a great outdoor life and time just flew by. Unfortunately due to unrest in the country, my parents decided to bring the family back to the UK in 1979. This was a really hard move for us as the pace of life was very different as was the climate. We arrived back in the UK in Dec smack in the middle of winter and all I was wearing was some shorts, a T-shirt, socks and some veldskoens (shoes). I was cold so we had to unpack a couple of our cases to find me something that was more suitable. Mom and dad had a great laugh at my expense:-).
It took me a few months to find my feet. I had applied to the RAF to do Pilot training, passed the entrance exam but decided it was not what I wanted to do. I joined the Medical Research Council in Carshalton in Surrey spent 3 great years there, got married, and went back to South Africa with my new wife.

We were lucky in that we were offered employment with Witwatersrand University based in Johannesburg. I worked in Medical Biochemistry Department with a bunch of loveable nutters. I had a great time and spent just over 5 years with the University. During our time at Wits, we had our first son. After leaving Wits University I got what I reckon was the best job in the world. I was appointed Manager of a Crocodile Breeding facility located in Scottborough(South Coast).

A Magical Place

My office overlooked the croc pens and I had the most magnificent view of the sea. It truly was a magical place and I learned an awful lot about breeding and rearing crocodiles. We were even lucky enough to have had two albino crocs born- which were never released into the wild as they would have stood out a mile. During our staff at the breeding facility we had our first daughter – so now we were an evenly balanced family:-).
The largest croc on site was called Henry( could not pronounce his name in Zulu:-) ) and he was just under 7 meters from head to tail weighing in at a hefty 850Kg… As I am sure you are aware South Africa was going through some turbulent times in the 1980s and 1990’s so we decided to move back to the UK where we had our next daughter and son- so still balanced. We returned to the MRC at Carshalton for a short while but the site was slated for closure so we moved Suffolk where we have been ever since.

Suffolk is a great County. All the kids have had a stable home and are now all grown up-32
I have decided that it is time to reinvent myself so I had started to learn about affiliate marketing and online business. It is a sharp learning curve but one I am enjoying tremendously. I will be sharing my weekly adventure (sometimes daily) on my blog post. I hope you decide to follow along… So, for now, thanks for taking the time to read this short intro about me and see you on my blog Stay safe

Best wishes Chris

Can I Help ? Be Honest with Yourself

I cannot promise you anything. All I can do is offer you the same choice that was given to me.
  • Don’t think this is a get rich quick scheme because there is no such thing - anyone who tells you that is totally wrong-
  • You don’t have to have any degrees to do this – ANYONE can do this-
  • You have to put in the work at the beginning to reap the benefits later down the line -
  • If you think that this is easy and everything will happen in a few weeks – it won’t-

By doing my research diligently I found a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow my internet business. This opportunity can offer you all the support, training and guidance that you will need to be successful.

Heck I used to be very skeptical about these online learning companies but the opportunity I have found is by far the best of the best in digital learning.

I am just getting started and have learned a great deal in a very short time. You know the saying: ' You reap what you sow'. Without a doubt if you put the effort in you will ultimately reap the rewards.

There are FREE video training courses along with webinars that get into every detail you can think of to help you become successful online.

Trust me I have tried the 'Get Rich Quick' schemes - guess what- you got it - they all failed. Why? Because they did not have the expertise and training necessary to help and show others how to succeed online.


There is an online community that promotes help, guidance and training for everyone with the added value of meeting new friends and helping each other be successful- after all why reinvent the wheel if the majority of the work is already done for you?
  • Do You have a burning desire for success– may be a problem to solve that is stopping you from having the life you want, do you need a ‘Plan B’?
  • Are You willing to invest in YOURSELF both in time and a bit of money? You will need advice from people who know how to get you from A-B the right way. You will need a mentor.
  • Are You Positive?


Positivity is everything. A positive attitude will get you what you want. You need to BELIEVE in your abilities and that you can do this. We don’t need to keep harping on about what is wrong with the world but instead embrace what is great and good. We can see this with the COVID-19 virus. People are rallying round and guess what – it is absolutely ‘infectious’ (pardon the pun). I don’t think I have seen such great community spirit and help ever…

People and couples of all ages are following this opportunity right now. They have learned to apply what this opportunity teaches and have gone on to create security for themselves and their families.

This opportunity will show you how to potentially create an income that may allow you to add to your current income or replace it entirely by using our proven techniques.

This opportunity is one of the fastest-growing online learning you will find.

It has helped people make their first million in under two years as well as helping thousands of others to get their first sales online.

This is all achievable. If you want to change your life it is YOUR CHOICE. You can truly develop a business that you are passionate about and will provide the lifestyle you want. There has never been a better time to get involved in the digital age. You can create a secure lifestyle that you want right now from the security of your own home. You can work the hours you want and let your business run on autopilot. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection- how cool is that?

Be Committed

If you are 100% committed to changing your future then we are 100% committed to helping you achieve that.

Can we help you? Do YOU WANT A CHANGE

If you like the idea of building a business that you love, enjoy, and a life with a brighter secure future for yourself, family we are here to help you.

You can apply for our free membership where you will be able to watch in-depth behind the scenes videos and make your decision as whether what we have on offer will work for you

To Your Success

This Is Your Life- Live it - IT IS YOUR CHOICE